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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Letter to Representative on AHCA

I've tried to not be political recently, but I can't remain silent on this. I've emailed and called my representative, and I suggest you do the same. Regardless of where you live or your political affiliation, the American Health Care Act will hurt a lot of people around you. It is cowardly and egregiously hypocritical that the House Republicans are pushing this without a CBO scoring. 
Mr. Flores,
I am writing to protest in the strongest possible terms the American HealthCare Act of 2017. The American Medical Association and the AARP are both against it, and as a young person who lives, works, and votes in your district, I add my voice. My wife has a pre-existing genetic condition that requires expensive medication. My family is not bankrupt because of the Affordable Healthcare Act. The AHCA as it stands (according of the trickle of information that has been released) will gut pre-existing conditions. A measly $138 B from the Upton amendment is not enough to cover the high-risk pools that will be created instead. Furthermore, the number of recent amendments and other modifications make understanding all the ramifications of the bill impossible. Even the President's press secretary cannot defend that (as was evidenced yesterday). I understand that sometimes backroom dealings must occur to pass legislation, but a reasonable amount of time must be given once a bill is finalized to allow interest groups, the Congressional Budget Office, and especially the public to judge the merits of the bill. The speed with which the AHCA is being pushed does not allow that. Asking us to trust you is an untenable request. These actions do not dignify a deliberative legislative body, so instead of simply trying to pass something to satisfy your base supporters (who will never be satisfied regardless of what you do) I strongly implore you to vote "No" on the AHCA. Thank you.

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