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Saturday, November 11, 2017

The 2016 Election

In "celebration" of the anniversary of the election of DT, here is a short post I wrote on Facebook immediately after.  

I said this four years ago, but I will say it again. People said that Bush would ruin the country; he didn't. People said that Obama would ruin the country; he didn't. Same with Reagan. Same with Carter. The country will make it though four years of Trump. Because of political leanings, I think it will suck, but we will make it.
Here's what I'm actually afraid for: the next generation. Let me explain before you just unfriend me. If your child picked some specific parts of Trump's words and quoted the President-elect at school, they could and should be suspended. For political expediency, almost 60 million people just told our youngest citizens that you can talk about sexually harassing women (and probably actually sexually harass women), and it's okay. Calling an entire race of people rapists is okay. Not knowing what the nuclear triad is when you're running for president of the country with the most powerful and diverse arsenal, capable of single-handedly destroying the planet we live on (i.e. being totally ignorant about your potential job) is okay.
I get some Republican policies. We need enormous tax cuts (particularly for the wealthy, even though Reaganomics demonstrably doesn't work) because government is too big. Meddlesome bureaucracy is holding our economy back. We need to renegotiate our trade deals. For whatever reason, this country isn't great, and it desperately needs change. I don't agree with any of those ideas, but I understand them. The economic recovery has not helped everyone. However, for expediency for those policies, we have implicitly given permission to our children for public racism, misogyny, and ignorance. The older generations often critique us Millennials as narcissistic, but this is the guy we chose for president. You think we are vulgar and narcissistic? If President Trump spends the next four years acting like Candidate Trump, just wait for our children.
We have had really sucky presidents, and we've had privately vulgar presidents. And we’ve made it through. We've never had a publicly vulgar president, but that is what we are about to get. It may not seem like it, but I’m rooting for Trump. I want nothing else but for him to succeed in a way that does not play to our baser instincts, but I fear that is not what is going to happen. It could not make me happier if in two years someone replies on this status mocking me about being wrong, but I don’t think anyone is going to be able to.

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