Michael Battalio

Friday, August 16, 2013

My Politics (part 1):

        It’s time to start a new semi-regular series on this blog. From the title the topics should be obvious. I’m going wade into the discussion not just with mindless prattle but with evidence to support my assertions. I’m going to warn you upfront that while I’m an independent moderate I lean pretty far left on some topics, while making unexpected forays towards the right. I welcome debate from all sides, but recognize that ad hominem attacks will get you promptly blocked. Other types of fallacious arguments will get you brutally ridiculed.

        This first post is simply self identification. I hate the two political parties (I am serious. I absolutely loathe them. They are a drain on our society and completely worthless. More on that in a future post.) in the country at the moment, so I will not entertain thoughts on what party I am. I think the greatest political insult you can level at someone is to call them a Democrat or Republican. Don’t get me wrong, do I agree with the Democrats on some things? Yes. Do I agree with the Republicans? Yes. But that doesn’t make me a democrat or a republican.

         So, how do I define myself? I could go into conservatism vs. liberalism, but again both sides have done such a good job vilifying each other so that simply implying you lean one direction or the other alienates you against a whole subset of the populace. So that’s a nonstarter; the best way I can think of to define myself is to describe each issue as I see it. The problem there is that conservatives and liberals have neat, pre-boxed definitions on every single issue, so regardless of what I describe someone will eventually label me one way or the other. Being labeled cannot be avoided, and if you try to defend yourself, the labeler feels justified in their labeling.

        So again, how do I define myself? I am an independent. There is no correct (as in perfect) answer to any political issue, but there is always a best answer. That best answer is never exactly what the Democrats or the Republicans or the conservatives or the liberals say it is. All sides must be weighed and judged based on merit, not on what some idiotic political pundit or politician tells you. And you certainly shouldn’t believe something just because I think it’s a good idea, because you too are an independent. Even the most devout Texas conservative or Yankee liberal is an independent. I know that because we are all different. Our political views are shaped by years of experience, experience that is as unique as every personality. No one fits inside a nice little box; we are all independents. So join me as I describe just how independent I am.

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