Michael Battalio

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Serious conversations (part 16):

        This series is a continuation of my conversations with an atheist friend of mine. We began with religion and have now moved onto many other things. These are my edited responses from that conversation. The sixteenth entry in this series is another short comment on religion, specifically its prevalence:

        My friend made a very good point about why people need religion. To expound: One of the reasons a lot of people hold onto religion into adulthood is because church is more about believing in a religion. It is about socialization with others. Adults in general only socialize around people involved in work or activities involving their children. The largest social outlet for adults outside of those two areas is church and church sponsored activities. Most people need to be around other people to develop and be sane human beings. One of the best parts of humanity is being able to be with others. Church provides that necessity.
        Another unrelated reason religion is so prevalent is that religion provides an easy way to complain and ask for wishes. And if someone gives up religion they give away a level of control of their lives. To explain: when you believe in a greater power than yourself, you can pray to that power to fix things you cannot. So when someone gives up on that power they admit there exist circumstances outside of their control. They lose a level of control.
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