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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This I Believe (part 6)

This is part six of my “This I Believe” series. I’m going to be spending most of the time delving into my struggles in deciding what it is I actually believe. I have had trouble over the last several years defining exactly what it is I prescribe to as a worldview. I consider myself a man of science, but I also consider myself a man of faith. So, where am I exactly? I hope to figure some of it out here.

Call this “What I actually Believe”
Special thanks to --jam for getting me to do this.

When I first sat down to do this (figure out what I actually believed in), I wasn’t sure I believed anything. Then I realized I was forcing it, and I wasn’t looking at a large enough scope. I do believe in several things, most of them concepts. Here are a couple.

I believe there is a purpose to me. Whether or not that purpose is to be self determined or whether it comes from some other entity I cannot say. I can say what purpose I have given myself, and that purpose is three fold. One, my first purpose is to be happy, not a just a physical happy, but a psychological happy as well. Part of that happiness is doing what I like to do and being around who I like enjoy being around. Two, a purpose of thought, to be self aware and constantly questioning what it is I believe and do, and if this questioning leads me away or towards religion then so be it. Three, to return what I have been given (whether by divinity or chance or fate) to the people around me, that can be through my talents, actions, personality, and words - to make other people around me better off and happier than they were.

To sum this up: I believe in the Pursuit of Happiness, the Enjoyment of Life, the Ability to Question, and the spread of those Ideas.

Second, I believe in the connection between humanity. For whatever reason, we are self aware; we can learn; we can grow. We can only do these things when we interact with others. Except for some, we need companionship. We need friends with whom we can share our joys and our sorrows. Life is empty without others to share it with. Conversation with a good friend is hard to beat.

I hope there is something much greater than this tiny little existence I have, but there is no way to know. But I can say with absolute certainty that those things above exist to me. They are important: happiness, enjoyment, thought, friendship. They are the something bigger to me that I believe in.


--jam said...

Awesome post, mBat.

Unknown said...

Well said mBat. I have read several of your previous posts and the comments that went along with them. I considered writing comments previously that expressed the several thoughts that came to my mind. In the end though I thought it better that I not let my thoughts, feelings and opinions cloud your quest to sort yours. I do however want you to know that whatever you discover about yourself or decide that you believe, you will always have a friend in me--if you want it!


Michael B. said...

Thanks Ernie. I really appreciate that. I will always value your opinion and friendship.

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