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Sunday, June 01, 2008

summer work

A quick update on what's been going on. I know it's been a while. I'm done with my eighth semester, and instead of graduating and doing something with my life, I'm staying a MSU for another year. I'm busy trying to get my fifth year paid for. You see you only get MTAG, MESG, and the ACT Academic scholarship for four years. Those paid for a sizable chunk of my expenses, so I'm working to get private scholarships to cover the deficit. Otherwise, I'm trying to find a job over the summer. The story is moderately long, so here goes...
Two months ago I called my boss at the Corps of Engineers, with whom I have worked for four years. He was no longer the boss; he was the "acting branch chief." He did tell me that most people had money to pay me and projects to work on, so I wasn't worried about a job for the summer. He said he would let the new chief know I wanted to come back. Well, I waited a few weeks with no response. I wasn't surprised, messages are rarely delivered in the government. I began calling the new boss about six weeks ago. I left her a voicemail and an e-mail. No response. After getting home I begin calling her office everyday, calling the secretary, calling people I know that work in my branch. The people I got a hold of told me she was out. So, I patiently waited. I apparently missed her several times, but despite my e-mails and voicemails, she didn't respond. I finally got tired of being ignored, so I asked the secretary for her home phone. I finally spoke with her and she told me that no one had any money or work currently. She also told me she meant to let me know a month earlier that I would not have a job, but she forgot. And that was that.
Had I found out several weeks ago, as I should have, I could have procured another job at the Corps before all the high school students got out of school. But now, there are very few spots open. I am frantically asking all the people I know that work for the Corps if they know of any jobs. I have a glimmer of hope, but it's very small. I hope I don't have to work some sort of retail or service job. But we'll see.
As an aside, I am proud of myself for not getting very angry with my new, ex-boss. I was furious with her when she told me, but I calmly accepted it. The fact remains though that at best she is rude and inconsiderate and at worst incompetent. It's like I'm living a Dilbert cartoon. I do not enjoy it.

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