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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

And update on life

Non academic post time. I feel it to be time to fill you in on the happenings of my life.
The last semester ended well. I feel it was a bit of a waste though. I only took 17 hours, and nine of them were freshman level communication classes. It was way too easy, and I feel guilty about how easy it was. I won't have to worry about that ever again though. Next semester should be a doosy. I will be taking 19 hours- a mix of music and meteorology. I am taking broadcast meteorology practicum I (2 hr.), water recourses (3), weather analysis I (2), Synoptic Meteorology (3), satellite and radar meteorology (3), music theory (3), ear traing-essentally the music theory lab (1), recital hour (0), piano lessons (1), and but of course marching band (1). The schedule would be great if I were only taking the meteorology classes. 10:00 to 2:00 with an hour for lunch at 12 on MWF and 9:30-12 on TTH and a 2:00 on Tuesday. That is the picture perfect schedule. However the music classes are freshman level (I'm only getting a minor.) so they are both at
eight. Consequently, I have 8:00 classes M-F. Great. I hate waking up early.
Drum majoring should take up a lot of time as well. I am looking forward to not having to learn a bunch of drill coordinates, but the other side of that is all the extra time it's going to take with, I may add, no increase in scholarship. Welcome to the real world I suppose.
I am still hoping I get to play piano for choir this year. It's something I've wanted to do since I came to State. I know I would love doing it, so I hope that comes through.
But at least I'm done with Math. I finished my math minor last semester. I don't have the piece of paper that proves it. (I obviously won't get thatuntil I graduate.) But I can still put it on my résumé.
Work is work. Vicksburg is Vicksburg. (I wanted to get an internship with the National Weather Association, but I completed enough classes yet. Next year it will happen.) The government pays well, but it's a tad, how shall we say it, dull. Vicksburg is always nice. I love having my piano. (Which I need to get tuned; it sounds awful.) And I love being able to putter in the garden every day. It's all wonderfully relaxing.
The only bad thing about summer is being away from everyone. It's hard to be used to having everyone around every day, and then you're left with yourself, family and your old high school friends- who, may I add, become more and more scarce as I get older. That's how life is though, always finding new, interesting people. Next time, how about a post on investing, my blossoming hobby?
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