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Friday, April 13, 2007

The Annual Easter Mass E-mail

This is the Annual Easter Mass E-mail, while smaller than its Christmas equivalent, I hope it to be just as meaningful. Sorry it's a day late; I can tell you are missing it. I've had four people ask about where the e-mail is. So, here it is. And away we go...
There is an interesting Hebrew word I came across as I was skimming though a very old translation of the bible. The word is sèlah. It's a verb meaning (I think) stop, pause and consider. I find that very appropriate to our situation in this day and time. How many times do you come to the end of the day and all you've done is run around without actually doing anything? Show of hands. I'm raising mine in case you don't know. It's really true though; life is busy. I often wonder where the days go. And if I can't even find the time to enjoy being alive how am I going to think about things that are really important- like, I don't know, for instance, God? He's a pretty big thing not to be stopping, pausing and considering. And when it comes down to it, we may not do all the things he wants us to do (or more usually we do things he doesn't want us to do), but really, how much does it put us out to just think about the Big Guy? Not fall on our hands and knees and sing at the top of our lungs an alleluia or give a prayer of thanksgiving for every little thing that has gone right (or wrong [Wrong things can be good sometimes.]) in our lives or beg for forgiveness or plead for healing or just break down and complain to Him, but to just think about it All.
Step back for a second; how improbable is everything: God, an allpowerful, timeless Being, decides that he's lonely and wants to make us and the universe. So, there it was, it and we were good, and he loved it and us etc. But we were insanely stupid, gluttonous and greedy. We were kicked out of paradise (blame it on the woman). Well, Mr. Allpowerful Being had a bit of a dilemma: we had free will, we screwed up, now what. If I get to heaven this is the first thing I'm going to ask God: how much did you have to drink when you decided that the way to save us all was to let us kill your Son? I mean really, how does that work? Because I don't get it. Well, we kill Him, we can get back into heaven, another timeless thing where we are all happy all the time. And then end of story except not end of story because heaven will never end.
Got a headache yet? And that was just one paragraph. The universe and God are pretty big things not to be stopping, pausing and considering. So, this Easter Season I'm not going to spend all my time worshiping at the foot of the cross. I (and I hope you too) am going to sit outside with a glass of tea and contemplate how crazy God is: crazy creative, caring, compassionate, loving, generous, and generally just pretty amazing.


Happy Easter,

I can't help myself:
Two eskimos sitting in a kayak were chilly, so they lit a fire in the craft. Unsurprisingly it sank, proving once again that you can't have your kayak and heat it too.

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