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Monday, January 08, 2007

the semester

Time for a regular post again. I have something in mind for my next academic post already though.

A couple of things firstly, for whatever reason, I haven't been sleeping very well at all. I only got five hours of sleep last night, and seven the night before. I am really delirious without enough sleep. It's crazy. I hope I can sleep tonight.

Secondly, the federal government is good. I worked over the entirety of the break, but thanks to holidays, I received four days off with pay.

My MWF schedule is going to be amazingly easy. I have three communication classes. They are all freshman level classes. I have to catch up since my major switch. The teachers are really funny so far, and one class doesn't even have tests to take. And I already have three classes canceled. It's wonderful. I'm glad I switched majors.

I am going to have a lot of free time this semester. I am done on Tuesday and Thursday at 12. I don't know what I'm going to do in the afternoon. I am going to take piano lessons for my minor, but that will take up only a bit. So, does anyone have a suggestion as to what I can do? Not necessarily work, but if it's fun work, I wouldn't mind.

I think I'm going to really enjoy myself this semester. I can't wait.

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