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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Perhaps I should do a bit of explaining

Those of you have had nothing better to do will have noticed that
I'm no longer a physics major. Knowing how obsessed I am with that
discipline, I'm sure this is a puzzle to most of you. Allow me to
explain myself. Sure, physics is great, but what exactly am I going
to be doing with that? I'll either teach or do research. I wouldn't
mind teaching, but I want to get a doctorate which would almost force
me into teaching college--something I don't want to do. Research is
the other option, but I hate lab work. I mean I absolutely abhor it,
so research in any form or fashion is excluded. Plus, I don't like
the thought of sitting in some office all by myself somewhere working
8-5 a day five days a week. I don't like being like everyone else.
So, here I am.
Why broadcast meteorology? Isn't it obvious? Everyone who knows me
well enough to know I love physics also knows what an obsession I
have with The Weather Channel. I can watch it all day. You may also
remember last May when I got my name and a photograph I took on TWC.
I have never been so happy in my life. In short, I love weather.
It's fascinating. I chose broadcast meteorology because I love being
in front of people, and, I think everyone will agree with me, I have
quite the flair for the dramatic.
This will be the third major change of my college career, and I hope
this is the right one. And consequently, the last one. We'll see.
I'm also going to getting music, math, and communication minors. I'm
only one class short of a math minor, so I figured why not.
Communication comes with the broadcast part of meteorology. And the
music minor comes from the fact that I've taken too many piano
lessons just to quit at music now. Plus it will give me a piece of
credible proof that I'm decent at piano. So, this will all give me
another two and a half years at state. As of now, I'm only half way
done, and hopefully the last half will be the best half.

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