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Friday, September 22, 2006

a regular blog post

How about a regular blog post for once? Nothing that requires a dose
of ibuprofen after I've finished writing it. (I've already got
another serious topic I want to talk about, but I'll save that for
next time.) Does anyone realize that we are already a third done
with the semester? How scary is that? Enough with rhetorical
questions. A lot of people say the spring semester goes by fast. I
submit that the fall one does faster, mainly because of football
season and band. I've had one Saturday so far this semester where I
haven't been doing anything, only the second one. And while this
Saturday is an away game, I'm going on Fall retreat this afternoon.
And next Saturday is, correct me if I'm wrong, fall break I believe,
so that's a Vicksburg trip for me.

Every day during the week, I finish with classes at two, so I have
three hours to kill before band. I tend to be rather useless during
that time, watching Star Trek reruns instead of doing homework. I
have recently been offered a part time position doing website stuff
for a friend I know who works in the research park. It will just be
5-10 hours a week, a perfect amount for me. I need to e-mail the guy
I'm supposed to contact. I think I'll do that before I go to lunch.

In something completely unrelated, I've had a sore throat for the
last five days, and it's really starting to tick me off. Apparently
it's some kind of virus that's like strep throat, but that isn't, and
because it's a virus and not a bacterial infection, there isn't a
thing to do about it except wait it out. Stupid modern medicine.
This disease will not keep me from having a good time on the retreat
though. It was delightful last year, and appears to be that way
again. Nothing like a bunch of Catholics worshiping Mary.

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Anonymous said...

Foo on you. 1/3 done! My first day of school is this Monday.


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