Michael Battalio

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I'm sorry

This has been a month coming, but occasionally, for brief periods of
time, I get a life. The last month was one of those times. I don't,
however, mean to imply that I won't have life again for while.
(Possibly, likely even, but I hope to prevent that.) This post will,
I hope, skim over things to fill the people in who actually pay
attention to me. As my routine solidifies, perhaps I'll have more
time to write. And I know most people spend a grand total of five
minutes updating their blogs, but I proofread. (The world would be a
much better place if we all proofread.)

The big thing happening at the moment is me trying to decide if I
really want to be a physics major. Over the last few years, I think
I've put up a good front being excited about it. The thing is
though, I'm not sure I really enjoy it as much as I should. I am
supposed to be taking three upper level physics courses, but I
decided to take only one and instead take two meteorology classes to
see how I like it. (Those of you around me know how excited I was
when I got my photo on TWC, so imagine if I were really on there.) I
don't think I could live with myself if I didn't at least give
meteorology a chance. I like it too much. So far though, I am
loving the intro to meteorology class.

I'm slightly proud of myself. I have fixed a friendship that I
thought was beyond fixing. I hope it's a sign I'm maturing. I won't
say anything else about it to spare the person I'm talking about.

After much haggling and persistence, I got a single room. I finally
talked to someone in charge about three days before I had to come up
here for band camp. It took the woman five minutes to give me a
single room. I must have called that department a dozen times before
i got anywhere. I am back in Suttle (Those of you aquatinted with
the building are cringing at the moment I'm sure.) again though.
It's my own fault. I was offered a nicer room in a nicer dorm, but I
turned it down to save $1200 a semester. I am so cheap. When I
first got into my room I was terrified of being stuck here again, but
it's not as bad as I anticipated. I think it will be okay.

I went through a week of miserable depression when I first got here.
I think it was just me readjusting to Starkville. There is something
about this town that is depressing. It's an intrinsic quality I
can't describe. And it takes me a little bit to get used to being
here again.

I am considering getting a job designing some website stuff. I don't
know if I am good enough to do it though. It's only part time, but I
will have even less free time if I do decide to take the position.
Life should be more care free at 20. I shouldn't be having to make
so many decisions. I don't want to grow up.

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