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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

second to last week of summer

Work is finally done. Can't say I miss that. I think I will return during Christmas break, and that will be my last time there. I have absolutely no intention of being in Vicksburg next summer. I would like to get some sort of internship somewhere, preferably out of the southeast as well. I need to get out and live a little.

I found out on Friday that I have a roommate. Since then, I have been scrambling to change that. I will admit it's my own fault this is happening. The housing department sent the e-mail out about it in the middle of June, but I just skimmed over it thinking that they wouldn't give me a roommate after I didn't have one last year. I figured out something was terribly wrong when I checked my account with the school. I noticed that they charged me less this semester than for the room last year. The dorm I would be moving into is nicer than the one I was in last year. Everything is nicer than sutttle, so I knew something was amiss. I checked the e-mail again, and randomly embedded in the middle of the e-mail was a guy's name. They didn't even say here is your new roommate assignment; they just stuck his name in the e-mail. My only hope, because it's so late, is that since they built the new freshman dorms, the old freshman dorms, which are nicer than the upperclassmen ones anyway, were half empty and they let upperclassmen move into them last year. I hope it is safe to assume that this will be the case again. I don't know why I'm letting this bother me so much; there's nothing more I can do about it right now. I, of course, e-mailed the department about it last week, and I called them. I was told that they now only handle housing assignments over e-mail, which is stupid. I still haven't gotten a response, and if I haven't by this afternoon I'm calling again. And hopefully I will get something a bit more of substance from them.

This weekend my family and I are supposedly going to the beach. It has been a while since I have gone on any vacation with them. This will be interesting.

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Amy said...

hey mikey,
i think you should look for an internship in northern CA =)

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