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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

second to last week of summer

Work is finally done. Can't say I miss that. I think I will return during Christmas break, and that will be my last time there. I have absolutely no intention of being in Vicksburg next summer. I would like to get some sort of internship somewhere, preferably out of the southeast as well. I need to get out and live a little.

I found out on Friday that I have a roommate. Since then, I have been scrambling to change that. I will admit it's my own fault this is happening. The housing department sent the e-mail out about it in the middle of June, but I just skimmed over it thinking that they wouldn't give me a roommate after I didn't have one last year. I figured out something was terribly wrong when I checked my account with the school. I noticed that they charged me less this semester than for the room last year. The dorm I would be moving into is nicer than the one I was in last year. Everything is nicer than sutttle, so I knew something was amiss. I checked the e-mail again, and randomly embedded in the middle of the e-mail was a guy's name. They didn't even say here is your new roommate assignment; they just stuck his name in the e-mail. My only hope, because it's so late, is that since they built the new freshman dorms, the old freshman dorms, which are nicer than the upperclassmen ones anyway, were half empty and they let upperclassmen move into them last year. I hope it is safe to assume that this will be the case again. I don't know why I'm letting this bother me so much; there's nothing more I can do about it right now. I, of course, e-mailed the department about it last week, and I called them. I was told that they now only handle housing assignments over e-mail, which is stupid. I still haven't gotten a response, and if I haven't by this afternoon I'm calling again. And hopefully I will get something a bit more of substance from them.

This weekend my family and I are supposedly going to the beach. It has been a while since I have gone on any vacation with them. This will be interesting.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Last week of work

To tell you the truth, before last week I wouldn't have minded staying an extra week here at work.  I don't need $350 more dollars, but why waste the opportunity?  Right now though, I'm sick of being here.  Last week was horrible.  I helped set up a training class for some engineers.  That was way too much work.  I had to stay an hour and a half late on Friday afternoon, and I missed what could have been a very interesting experience in tango lessons.  It's ironic that one of the few times I've actually looked forward to going out is the only time I have to stay late at work.  The tragedies of responsibility.  Now that that is finished, I can wholeheartedly say that this is my last week here.  They would have to double my pay to get me to stay an extra week.


The volvo is out of commission at the moment.  One of the sensors that monitors fuel consumption is broken.  It's expensive to fix, but after that the volvo will supposedly get much better gas mileage.  So hopefully because gas is $19 a gallon the savings will add up quickly. 


I finished the pond kind of.  There is still a leak in the stream that I can't seem to find.  And the dirt around the beginning of the stream keeps settling because it's wet because there is a leak which is making it leak even more.  It's really starting to become annoying.  Oh well, something to do Saturday afternoon. 


Before this summer I was really dreading coming home, but now that it's coming to a close, this is probably one of the best summers I've had, even though I haven't really gone out and done much of anything.  I was right; I just needed to get away from it all for a while.  Let's hope my current peace of mind continues well into the upcoming year.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

The week in review

This week's lesson:  a three day work week is good, even if it is hectic.  Last weekend (Saturday until Tuesday) I was in Memphis visiting a couple of friends there.  It was very enjoyable and relaxing not having to be in Vicksburg with nothing to do, even if we really didn't go and do anything amazing while I was up there.  It was nice meeting new people and generally chit chatting about nothing.  I think we might have to start making this a regular occurrence while we aren't in school, but next time they're driving four hours and spending over $50 on gas for their drive.  I will say, though, that the money for gas was easily made up for in all the free food.  Thanks again Ms. King. 


Yesterday at work I had to lead a web cast.  I've been planning it all week, all of three days.  (It really is good only having to work 24 hours but get paid for 40.)  It's the first time that I've ever had to be the one in charge of a meeting here.  It was a learning experience.  And I think it went very well, even though I was a bit long winded; I talked for an hour and a half.  But I feel really cool now, a milestone in my working life, even though I have no intention of working there after college. 


I learned how to tango last night.  I'm not very good, mostly because I'm a 20 year old white guy, but I think it'll definitely earn me some points when I tell girls I can though.  Hopefully, no one I ever tell that to will happen to have a cd of music on them.  But I do wish I had a Brazilian supermodel laying around so I could practice.  


I have less than a month of summer left, and as of the first of the month, we are half way through the year.  I'm only 20; time shouldn't be going by this quickly.  At least I only have ten work days left, and after that I will revel in having two weeks to do as I please.  I'm looking forward to it.

Saturday, July 01, 2006


I'm feeling anxious about something.  I'm not sure what.  Perhaps it's my upcoming visit to see Wes and Ohno in Memphis, but I don't know why I would be anxious about that.  I'm actually looking forward to breaking the routine that I've set up so far this summer.  It also could be that I'm now half way through with summer and haven't done as much as I set out to do.  (I know I've mentioned here that before.)  And that I'm really not looking forward to next semester as much as I looked forward to last semester during Christmas break, and that's probably because last semester was a let down and otherwise disaster to me.  So in this regard, I guess I really should look forward to next semester because it certainly can't be worse than what I put myself through during the spring.  All of this, though, still leaves me without an answer as to what I'm anxious about.


A few days ago I joined a friend for lunch; we eat together every Wednesday.  (Let me mention something about Jeff for context:  He has a faith to be envied if you're religious, or a faith to be mocked if you're an atheist.  He is one of the most devout people I know, Catholic or otherwise.  He's Baptist.)  To continue, as anyone who ever reads this should have figured out by now, my breakdown of sanity had a lot to do with a crisis of faith, and as remedy to this crisis, I have been collecting the opinions- on God, on religion, on faith in general- from all the people I know whose views I respect and who have widely differing opinions on just about everything.  (If you're a good friend of mine, don't be hurt if I haven't talked to you about it yet.  I can only talk to so many people at a time and keep everything straight in my head.)  My conversation with Jeff proved very helpful, as have most of the conversations I've had with people.  His reasoning for God is as follows:  the universe is too beautiful for there not to be a God.  (A wonderfully simple logic, although I might have over simplified it.)  The reasoning is very pretty, for lack of a better word, but it still isn't enough for me.  Someone remind me to talk about the anthropic principle in physics at some point.  (The truncated version:  if the universe weren't pretty, we wouldn't be here to witness it.  I should have asked Jeff about it, next time.)  Now that this post is too long, the point of all this being, my search continues unabated.
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