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Saturday, June 24, 2006

This and that

Nothing even remotely thought provoking today, just some little
pieces of stuff that's been going on the last couple of weeks. I
have finally started to work out, and I still hate it. Here's hoping
something worthwhile comes of it. For Father's Day, I told my dad I
was going to start and finish laying new flooring in the biggest room
upstairs. That has been a big project and a lot more work than I
thought it would be. I have finally gotten around to redesigning the
pond; another big project. And lastly, I'm starting to go through my
address book and calling people to see how they are, so if you know
me reasonably well, and I have your number, be expecting a call. Oh,
and I'm going through and calling all the good looking girls first,
so if you're ugly, a guy or both it might be a few weeks. So, be
patient. Anyway, besides just either being lazy or occasionally
doing other things, I'm really starting to enjoy the summer. Life
ain't too bad.

Monday, June 19, 2006

...and I certainly would like to think of myself as a virtuous man.

Before anyone even reads this, yes I know the whining is getting old.
My problem is that I don't have any self esteem when it comes to
women. I've been myself, or at least what I think is my true self,
with every girl I've ever cared about, and it wasn't good enough for
them. I've also never asked a girl out first and she said yes, and
yes, I know I've complained about this specific thing before here.
But I'm just making the point, again I think, that I have no self
esteem for a good reason, not just randomly. This lack of self
esteem would be not a problem if I was okay by myself and happy
single, which I was not okay about at all last semester. (Hence the
depression.) I also think I've said this: it's funny how quickly
one becomes accustomed to being with someone and how hard it is to
get used to only being with yourself again. I think I'm finally
beyond the latter. (Hence the lack of depression the last couple
months.) A lot of the difficulty in getting passed the depression
was that I had forced myself into a competition of relationship
status, not just with all of my exes, but with every other couple I
was in contact with. I wanted what they had, mostly because I had
just had it too and really wanted it back. Also because I thought I
was at my happiest with someone. I am now finding out that isn't
necessarily the case. And I think for everyone that this realization
is a matter of time, a long time in my case. I can finally say I'm
very much okay now. My patience finally has paid off. You see (the
now reoccurring closing cliche) patience is a virtue, and I certainly
would like to think of myself as a virtuous man.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Beside the word gullible in the dictionary there is a picture of me

I will have a busy weekend this weekend yet not as busy as last.
Last week and this week, both pianists from the church have been out
of town, so I was "elected" to play for both Sunday morning Masses.
Consequently, I had two different choirs with two completely
different styles and two completely different sets of music to play.
To top that all off, I had to play for a funeral Saturday morning,
and earlier that morning, I had to play the national anthem on
saxophone for the city swim tournament. I think I should tattoo the
word "gullible" across my forehead. The only good result of my
busyness was that I haven't been bored at all (except at work) for
the last two weeks. That, I do believe, needs to continue. It's a
good feeling to get through a day and realize you've not only just
made 70 bucks at work, but you've helped your brother with algebra,
practiced the piano for a couple of hours, spent some time in the
garden and gone on a very relaxing bike ride. The feeling of
accomplishment is a good thing. And I'll risk being cliché again;
humanity would be better off if we all felt that way more often. I
need to quit with posting clichés all the time. Oh, and I now have
a $200.00 iPod paperweight.

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