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Monday, May 29, 2006

random bits of info from my life

I had thought about taking up swimming this summer, but my dad has
just about convinced me to lift weights again. It won't be something
I'll look forward to, but rather something to hopefully take up time
and make me feel better about myself. I must admit though that when
I was doing it last summer I absolutely hated it. I'm really not
built to exercise that much, and I'm too lazy. Then again, I really
don't want to be underweight for the entire time in my life that I'm
attempting to pick up women, so I suppose I should try to gain all
the weight back. I ended up gaining 15 lbs. last summer, but I lost
it all when I got back to State. However, at the end of last summer,
I did feel pretty good about myself, and I dare say I looked a lot
better as well. Either way, I need to make up my mind; I'm only home
two more months or so.

My iPod is broken again, and this time the warranty is up. So this
time I'm going to have to replace it with my own money. I've learned
a good lesson from all my electronics troubles with Apple in the last
six months: when buying from Apple, buy the extended warranty. I
think though that I'll wait for the new iPods to come out. The sixth
generation iPod is supposed to have a touch screen control instead of
the click wheel, so while expensive it will be cool.

My period of relaxation is over. I start work tomorrow at eight
thirty. Two months of probable boredom begins then. Great.

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Amy said...

hi mikie! don't get too buff! i, for one, find scrawny guys incredibly attractive.

oh, and have a good summer! i will be home the week after next, so maybe i'll get to see you, at least at church.

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