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Friday, April 21, 2006

For times gone by

I'm feeling really nostalgic this evening. Maybe it's because it's
another Friday night, and I'm in my room, alone, again. Maybe it's
because I only have three more weeks before this semester is all
over, and I really haven't enjoyed this semester at all. As a matter
of fact, I've hated this semester, even more so than the two
semesters of my freshman year here. The last four months, in my
eyes, have been a waste of my life. Sure, my grades will end up
where I want them to be; I somehow always manage it despite how far
behind I am in something. But college life should be about a whole
lot more than grades. Really, all of life should be about a whole
lot more than work. Unfortunately, I don't know what that whole lot
more should be. It seems that other people have figured it out, and
that's why they like being here (Here as in alive. Not that I don't
want to live; it's just that I'm not enjoying it.). I, however,
haven't the slightest idea as to what it is I want out of life. I've
been thinking about it the entire semester, and I'm nowhere closer to
an answer than I was before. I really want something amazing to
happen in my life, and it's getting to the point where I need
something, anything to happen.

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Amy said...

hi mikey,

i have definitely been in your shoes. it took me until junior year to come up with a list of specific areas in my major that i'd actually enjoy working in. when you take classes and don't enjoy them, well, that's the only way you'd know that you don't enjoy them, so don't feel badly about it. you're smart, and hard working. i believe in you and i believe you'll figure out what you want to do some time soon~

*hugs* amy

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