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Friday, March 17, 2006

Some results of thinking...

God (or whatever or whomever you wish to place faith in) does not give you what you want.  He (or She or It or They as the case may be) also does not give you what you need.  He gives you something much more valuable than any of that.  He gives us the ability to get what we need all on our own.  He is also generous enough to give us the ability to get what we want as well.  Instead of whining about what is wrong in our lives to whomever it is you happen to have a belief in, we all have in us the ability to go and get it ourselves; it's always there.  We just can't see it.  It's the finding what makes us happy that makes life interesting.  I'll admit that sometimes not having anything to be happy about and not seeing where the happiness could come from is really unnerving and upsetting, obviously.  I should know; I'm going though a very difficult one of those periods right now.  Since I am in one of those periods right now, the only solace I have is that I can be happy all on my own; I just need to get there.  The big question is how.  And that is the beauty of the journey, or so I keep telling myself.

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Anonymous said...

What if it's not the finding of what makes us happy that makes life interesting, but the finding of what's interesting in life that makes us happy. In other words, discovering interesting things in life makes a person happy.

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