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Monday, March 27, 2006

Some results of not thinking...

I think I've figured out why people do drugs and why some religions
make their members take drugs to meet with "God". I have been sick
over the weekend, and have been taking Ny Quil. (As a side note,
that stuff tastes awful. One dose is 30 mL, two tablespoons; that's
a lot. You'd think they could concentrate it so it wouldn't be so
much, but no. The first night I took it I decided to off it in one
big gulp, not realizing what a mistake that would be. You know that
uncontrollable shiver one has when you're cold; that's what happened
when I drank it. My body was racked with spasms of utter horror.
You can't just pour a liquid down your throat; you're mouth has to
close to get all of the air out, and in that two seconds of sheer
terror before I forced myself into swallowing, I almost spewed the Ny
Quil across my room. Afterwards, I almost threw it up. That's how
bad it is.) Let me say that Ny Quil is very potent stuff. I took
some Saturday night, and all day Sunday I was groggy. However, in my
drug induced stupor, I kept having what I thought were amazing ideas
and thoughts about life and religion and love, et cetera, et cetera,
ideas that I was proud of myself for having. But now, the things I
can remember from yesterday are absolutely inane, things I wouldn't
even attempt to transcribe here. So that leads me to think that if
an over the counter cold remedy can put me in such a state that I
have insane thoughts, thoughts which I think are better than sliced
bread at the time, I wonder what a true hallucinogenic would do to
someone. Mind you, having gone through this, I honestly don't want
to ever take an illicit drug, partly because they aren't regulated,
so you have no idea what is actually in it. But mostly because I
don't even want to imagine the loss of control of one's self that
taking a drug whose sole purpose was to make you loose yourself would
Anyway, out of a 48 hour weekend, I slept almost 30 hours of it, but
I'm still tired right now; however, I have class in a bit. At least
I feel better today.

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