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Monday, January 23, 2006

My punishment...

I understand that a university wants to graduate a well-rounded
student, and that's why we have core classes that have nothing to do
with our major. I don't mind that. That makes sense in the long
run. I want to be a well-rounded student. But why must they make it
all so painful? I wouldn't mind a literature class where we read a
work in class and then write a short essay about it, an essay where a
misplaced comma won't drop the grade a whole letter, an essay where I
don't have to regurgitate the opinion of the teacher or an old, dead
writer. I would enjoy lit then, but the way lit is taught to people
who aren't majoring in a language is, in short, punishment. I should
not have to spend more time reading out of my lit book per night than
I should be working on, say physics (my major), homework. I should
not have to worry more about a class that has nothing to do with my
major than with a class that is my major. That's stupid. That's
punishment. That's teaching me to resent having to take lit again.
That's teaching me to make faces of disgust whenever the word
literature is mentioned. There must be a better way to make us the
perfect, well-rounded student.
Thank you. I feel better now. I just finished reading the
Prologue to the Canterbury Tales. It took an hour and a half to
carefully read it. It was great, can't you tell.

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