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Thursday, January 05, 2006

I'm not bored at home? What is going on here?

So, as of a few days ago, I only have two more weeks to be home
to relax until I have to go back to school. I'm not ready to go back
yet, but I will be soon I think, once all of my friends are gone
again. I had a pleasant-ish surprise last Saturday night. A good
friend of mine from high school has come into town, from Notre Dame,
to attend a wedding. He and another friend who is in the Air Force
and stationed in England have come over the last couple of nights,
and we have played Risk, which I'm sure to some sounds boring, but
that's the way we are. I'm finally having a game board thing this
Saturday at my house. I'm rather excited about that, which I'm sure
sounds pathetic to some people, but that's the way I am. It will be
the first time in a year and half that enough people will be in town
to have one. I'm looking forward to that. Nothing else is really
going on. I'll post an entry about what's been going on at work
On a completely different note, this whole being single business
I'm still not quite used to again. It's funny how one can so quickly
become accustomed to dating someone, but when it's over it takes a
long time to go back to how you were before. Or maybe it's just that
way with guys. Perhaps in a month or something I'll be ready to
start looking for a new girlfriend again. I already have one in mind
I'd like to ask out, but I don't think I'm ready. Or could it be I
don't want to be rejected twice in the span of a month and a half. I
think it might be the latter, which leads me to an interesting thing
to whine about. I think I mention it too because I have been
pondering it over for a while now. I have never asked out a girl and
she said yes. Every single girl I've dated (okay, all two of them,
but saying every single girl makes it sound like a lot, and it makes
me feel better) has asked me out. And it makes me wonder because it
isn't as if I have only asked out three or four girls. Over the
years, I've probably asked out over a dozen. One would think that at
least one would say yes to if nothing else, get a free dinner and
movie out of me. Maybe all guys have this kind of luck, or maybe I
haven't asked out enough girls, or maybe it's just me. I can't help
but wonder and depress myself about it.
You know, why do I even write any of this on a blog? I have no
idea, the only person, apparently, that reads this is my ex-
girlfriend, besides that no one that I really care about, or to be
more specific, cares about me actually reads this. So why? I think
admitting it to yourself is a good form of therapy.


Anonymous said...

You would be surprised about how many people do care about you Michael. However, using one's blog as a litmus test for their friendship can only lead to ruin and depression. The only reason I have a Xanga is so I can keep up with other people's lives. Chin up and know that there are plenty of people who love you. I look forward to our conversations once school resumes, even if we have different lunch hours. I hope you know who this is, and if you can't guess my name, it's someone who cares. :-P Have a great rest of the break, TT. :-)

eddydean0688 said...
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