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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Apple woes

So, in the past two months I have had my iPod and iBook break. I am thoroughly disappointed with Apple. It's sad really. Fortunately, when the iPod crashed (it was the hard drive) it was still under warranty. So, I had to send it back to Apple, and I had to pay for shipping, which is stupid, if it was their product that broke, under warranty. As for the iBook, I could not be madder. Firstly, it crashed at the worst possible time. I was on fall break a couple of weeks ago, and I had a report due when I came back. A long report I might add. Secondly, it was three weeks out of warranty. Meaning I get nothing. Thirdly, I took it to the Apple Store in Jackson the Monday of Fall Break only to be there for five hours while the guy sat, chatted with me and tell me I now own a $1000 paper weight. So, I lost all of my reports, music, pictures, all of everything for the year that I owned that computer, and that it actually worked. I have to buy a new hard drive for about $70. (The hard drive on the iBook was the component that crashed as well.) And I have to install it myself, or I have to pay roughly $150 for someone to do it for me. I think I will try to do it myself.
I can honestly say I dislike Apple now. I like the Mac OS, but I dislike the company. I hate being screwed.

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