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Saturday, October 08, 2005

I'm still busy

Okay, perhaps I need to update this thing more frequently that once
every three weeks. I'd say the most amazing thing that has happened
in this time was the tornado across campus. I was inside the dorm
doing my laundry at the time. There was no cloud per say, but you
could tell where the tornado was because of the debris. It passed
only thirty feet in front of me. It was rather terrifying. It
happened very quickly. I was doing laundry, the power went out, the
winds violently picked up, and I saw the tornado pass. It took no
more than 30 seconds. About five minutes afterward the sirens went
off. And we had to go into the basement. And we had to stay there
for an hour and a half even though it had already passed. It was
pitch black and hot. That was the worst part. I was beginning to
fell very agitated toward the end of my captivity. I was even a bit
angry, I really do not like being held against my will. Several
buildings on campus were damaged and morning classes on Monday were
canceled. It was an F1.
Otherwise, life around here is pretty average. My classes are
killing me, I will not be taking this many classes ever again. I
have a paper, and two projects to do. It is quite strenuous.


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