Michael Battalio

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

my near death experience

Okay. So, I've been busy lately. College is back in session and
before that I had band camp. I've finally gotten time to update this
because band got out early today because of a thunderstorm. This is,
I think, the closest I've ever been to a bolt of lightning. We were
all on the field, even though we could see the lightning and the
cloud was almost over us. We were marching the pre-game show and
then a bright flash and an ear splitting shock of thunder hit us,
almost instantaneously, so I know it had to have been close. That's
happened before, but the thing that really sends a chill down my
spine is the hair all over my body, especially on my legs, stood
striaght on end the instant of the flash. After it happened everyone
stopped right where they were and Elva Kay, the band director,
decided it was time to quit. I asked the people who were around me
whether or not their hair stood on end. No one else felt it. That
to me is really creepy because I know I wasn't imagining it.

Anyway, perhaps I'll have more time to update this once I get settled

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