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Monday, July 11, 2005

So, I finally got to do something cool at work today. Amazing, yes, I know. One of the people I work under is an ecologist. And she works with restoring mined and destroyed land. And she has to map out all of the bodies of water in the area to be restored. These areas are multiple square miles, so simply surveying the land would be impossible. What she then does it take arial photographs, but simply to look at arial photographs won't work because there is no way to tell what is water and what is a shadow. So to find the water one must look for depressions in the ground and not just a dark place. To do that she uses a steroscope and two overlapping photos. Once the photos are alligned through each eyepiece the photos jump out in 3D. It is really amazing. And I got to use it, and she completely trusted me. I felt really cool.

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