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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Bored Once Again

I, thankfully, was wrong about work. I am rather impressed they got
back so quickly. So, I started back at work yesterday. I was told
before I came back that they don't have a lot of money, so I would
only work when there was work for me to do. Meaning I would have
time off when I didn't have anything to do. I have already found out
that that was not entirely truthful. I have already spent probably a
couple of hours playing minesweeper. Yesterday, I also had a
"performance review" for the work (or lack thereof) I did last
summer. When I found out I had a "performance review", I was a bit
worried because I probably only did five or six hours of actual work
during an eight hour work day. I was afraid they had caught on to my
deception. However, much to my surprise I got above average marks
for everything except leadership, which isn't bad because let us be
real here, I'm certainly not going to direct people 30 years older
than me on how to do something. There was no way I was going to be
able to get a highish score in leadership. The funniest part about
the whole thing was that I'm getting a bonus and a raise for my good
(lack of) work ethic. These people really don't pay attention to
what I'm doing. Perhaps that's because when I actually have work to
do, I try to do it as quickly as possible, so I can impress people
with a quick turnaround. Now that I think about it, I probably
shouldn't be so concerned though, I know a lot of people who do even
less work than I do around here, and a few of them get paid more than
I. It's sad how far ahead you can get around here with so little

Thursday, December 01, 2005

You spend way too much time doing physics...

* if you are completely addicted to PhysicsNow.com.

* if you can't remember what's behind the door at Hilbun Hall which says 'Exit.'

* if you have no life - and you can PROVE it mathematically.

* if you enjoy pain.

* if you know vector calculus but you can't remember how to do long division.

* if you chuckle whenever anyone says 'centrifugal force.'

* if you've actually used every single function on your graphing calculator.

* if it is sunny and 70 degrees outside, and you are working on a computer.

* if you always do homework on Friday and Saturday nights.

* if you have a pet named after a scientist.

* if you laugh at jokes about mathematicians.

* if when your professor asks you where your homework is, you claim to have accidentally determined its momentum so precisely, that according to Heisenberg it could be anywhere in the universe.

* if the 'fun' center of your brain has deteriorated from lack of use.

* if you'll assume that a 'horse' is a 'sphere' in order to make the math easier.

* if you understood more than five of these indicators.

* if you make a hard copy of this list, and post it on your door.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Apple woes

So, in the past two months I have had my iPod and iBook break. I am thoroughly disappointed with Apple. It's sad really. Fortunately, when the iPod crashed (it was the hard drive) it was still under warranty. So, I had to send it back to Apple, and I had to pay for shipping, which is stupid, if it was their product that broke, under warranty. As for the iBook, I could not be madder. Firstly, it crashed at the worst possible time. I was on fall break a couple of weeks ago, and I had a report due when I came back. A long report I might add. Secondly, it was three weeks out of warranty. Meaning I get nothing. Thirdly, I took it to the Apple Store in Jackson the Monday of Fall Break only to be there for five hours while the guy sat, chatted with me and tell me I now own a $1000 paper weight. So, I lost all of my reports, music, pictures, all of everything for the year that I owned that computer, and that it actually worked. I have to buy a new hard drive for about $70. (The hard drive on the iBook was the component that crashed as well.) And I have to install it myself, or I have to pay roughly $150 for someone to do it for me. I think I will try to do it myself.
I can honestly say I dislike Apple now. I like the Mac OS, but I dislike the company. I hate being screwed.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

home, finally

I have finally gotten home after two months in Starkville. I will
have to say I missed it a little. If nothing else than to sleep in a
comfortable bed, and the tend to my garden, which, thanks to my
parents, have been slightly neglected. I have spent the day weeding,
and since today is such a wonderful day, I could ask for nothing
else, well, besides a home cooked meal, which I also got. I am also
looking forward to tomorrow, as it promises church and more of the
same. I love being ahead in school work.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I'm done

I have now finished everything I needed to do before fall break. I
am so happy about that. I can now just sit and coast through the
next two days, waiting for my real vacation to begin. I haven't been
home in two months, and I must say I am looking forward to coming
back and seeing the garden and fixing everything. My high school's
homecoming is this weekend as well, so that will give me something to
do when I get back on Friday, so I won't be alone the entire time I
am home, not that it will bother me to be alone and enjoy the time in
solitary contemplation. It is a very good feeling to be ahead.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

I'm still busy

Okay, perhaps I need to update this thing more frequently that once
every three weeks. I'd say the most amazing thing that has happened
in this time was the tornado across campus. I was inside the dorm
doing my laundry at the time. There was no cloud per say, but you
could tell where the tornado was because of the debris. It passed
only thirty feet in front of me. It was rather terrifying. It
happened very quickly. I was doing laundry, the power went out, the
winds violently picked up, and I saw the tornado pass. It took no
more than 30 seconds. About five minutes afterward the sirens went
off. And we had to go into the basement. And we had to stay there
for an hour and a half even though it had already passed. It was
pitch black and hot. That was the worst part. I was beginning to
fell very agitated toward the end of my captivity. I was even a bit
angry, I really do not like being held against my will. Several
buildings on campus were damaged and morning classes on Monday were
canceled. It was an F1.
Otherwise, life around here is pretty average. My classes are
killing me, I will not be taking this many classes ever again. I
have a paper, and two projects to do. It is quite strenuous.


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I've been busy, give me a break

Okay, it's been a while, but give me a break, I'm busy. I'm taking
20 hours; give me some credit. I have three tests this week, and two
will be very difficult. I hate my TA for physics lab. I can't say
anymore than that. I hate him. I was almost late for band today.
He held us over. He doesn't know what he is talking about and
assumes we are all stupid, but I'd be willing to bet that I'm more
qualified to teach that class than he is. But, anyway I'm giving no
comment of the Auburn game. Nothing needs to be said. The score
(0-28) says everything we don't want known. I have a linear algebra
test to study for, so until later.


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

my near death experience

Okay. So, I've been busy lately. College is back in session and
before that I had band camp. I've finally gotten time to update this
because band got out early today because of a thunderstorm. This is,
I think, the closest I've ever been to a bolt of lightning. We were
all on the field, even though we could see the lightning and the
cloud was almost over us. We were marching the pre-game show and
then a bright flash and an ear splitting shock of thunder hit us,
almost instantaneously, so I know it had to have been close. That's
happened before, but the thing that really sends a chill down my
spine is the hair all over my body, especially on my legs, stood
striaght on end the instant of the flash. After it happened everyone
stopped right where they were and Elva Kay, the band director,
decided it was time to quit. I asked the people who were around me
whether or not their hair stood on end. No one else felt it. That
to me is really creepy because I know I wasn't imagining it.

Anyway, perhaps I'll have more time to update this once I get settled

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Sunday, July 31, 2005

times keeps on slipping

I have less than a week before I go back up to Starkville. I am trying to decide whether or not I am excited about it. There certainly isn't anything marvelous happening here. I just finished work, so now I will be insanely bored this week. I guess that will be okay, relaxing before I actually have to do stuff again. Having to do work and being bored are just pulling me in two different directions.
Well, I went to my friend Caitlin's child's birthday party. Very cute, but then again, most babies are. It was a birthday party for a kid that I almost never see, but it was better than nothing. It took up time (I'm counting on Caitlin never reading this.), and that's all I could ask for.
Well, her's to all my newfound free time.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Yesterday I got a $200 bonus for not doing anything. Wonderful. This weekend I decided to build a retaining wall. Why not I say, what did I have better to do? I only have three more days left at work. I am looking forward to my week off in between the end of work and me starting back school. I'm not sure I ready to go back. I know all I have been doing is complaining about being bored, but now I realize that I only have a couple of more weeks to let my mind sit and do nothing, I am anxious about having to study and think again when I get back. If there were no classes in college, I would be looking forward to going back, but alas, there are.

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Friday, July 15, 2005

Work was crummy today. I had to work an hour and a half overtime. Oh well, I'll make it up somewhere else. I am looking forward to the weekend. I am not doing a single thing this weekend. Not a thing. Oh, I got my housing contract for next year. I'll be in a single dorm. I am thrilled. I'd rather be in the crummy dorm and single than stuck with someone and in the nice honors dorm, so I'm happy.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Today was a quick day at work. I had a dentist appointment, and it lasted an hour and a half. And we had a meeting today, so that killed a couple of hours. So, I really did even less than usual. It was wonderful

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Monday, July 11, 2005

So, I finally got to do something cool at work today. Amazing, yes, I know. One of the people I work under is an ecologist. And she works with restoring mined and destroyed land. And she has to map out all of the bodies of water in the area to be restored. These areas are multiple square miles, so simply surveying the land would be impossible. What she then does it take arial photographs, but simply to look at arial photographs won't work because there is no way to tell what is water and what is a shadow. So to find the water one must look for depressions in the ground and not just a dark place. To do that she uses a steroscope and two overlapping photos. Once the photos are alligned through each eyepiece the photos jump out in 3D. It is really amazing. And I got to use it, and she completely trusted me. I felt really cool.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

first post

Yeah. The summer is boring. Here I am. WES is boring. I did absolutely nothing today. It's sad. I was supposed to go to a class about Microsoft office, but they, as in the morons, forgot to tell me it was canceled, so I wasted about an hour today getting shuttled around trying to find someone who knew why nothing was going on. So, I accidently forgot how to get back to EL from ITL, so it might have taken me an hour or so to get back. Whoops. I hate the government. I had $200.00 taken out of my last paycheck; that's almost a quarter of it.
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